Please help save the date palms and other trees targeted for removal by developers of the Muroya housing development on Black Rail Road. For months the developer's representatives and the city assured concerned Carina Aviara residents that all parties would meet to negotiate preservation measures in the canyon. Residents are concerned about the impact on raptors and other wildlife. Please follow this link below to sign the petition to protect this canyon.

Please convey your wishes on these issues by signing FOA petitions:

Friends of Aviara is supporting SOS for Open Space, a campaign to encourage the Carlsbad City Council to spend the moneys set aside a decade ago to preserve our natural habitat. None of it has been spent to date. We are asking BUSINESS OWNERS to download the statement of support and return by email to, or by mail to Friends of Aviara, P.O. Box 131773, Carlsbad, CA 92013.

Keep Aviara Parkway At 40 MPH, Introduce Traffic Calming

Aviara Petition to Reject PonteBello Rezoning & Inclusion in Housing Element