Friends of Aviara Mission Statement:

The specific purpose of this non-profit corporation [501 (c)3] is to promote and preserve a safe, healthy environment for all the residents of South Carlsbad/Aviara through the following:

    Preserve the open space, coastal wetlands, lagoons, particularly the Batiquitos Lagoon, and beaches in and around South Carlsbad/Aviara.

    Protect and fortify the wildlife corridors as natural habitats for native plants, birds and animals.

    Conserve natural waterflows and support efforts to protect water and air quality.

    Promote the use of public trail areas and parks by a responsible public.

    Support education and restoration programs.

    Eliminate the adverse effect of development.

    Protect areas sacred to native populations.

    Preserve this area’s beautiful resources for future generations to enjoy.

 Friends of Aviara achieves these objectives by educating, organizing and leading all those with a vested interest in the community’s well being in order to promote and sustain the greater good of the community and the environment.



Friends of Aviara supports SOS for Open Space, a campaign to encourage the Carlsbad City Council to spend the moneys set aside a decade ago to preserve our natural habitat. Please go to Petitions to register your support for SOS.

State court rules City of Carlsbad acted "arbitrarily and capriciously" in approving 2005-2010 Housing Element, which included plans to put high density housing adjacent to the Aviara Oaks School Campus and El Salto Falls.